To effectively manage and track Search Arbitrage advertising campaigns, specialized trackers (tracking systems) are used to provide detailed data on traffic, conversions, and other metrics. Here are some popular trackers that can be used for Search Arbitrage:

1 . Voluum: Provides a wide range of features including conversion tracking, analyzing
traffic, campaign optimization, and integration with various traffic sources.
2 . ClickMagick: This tracker provides accurate conversion tracking, traffic analytics, A/B testing capabilities and fraud protection features.
3 . RedTrack: Allows you to track and analyze ad campaigns, providing detailed reports and optimization capabilities.
4 . Binom: This tracker is specially designed for slow servers and high load. Provides powerful analytical tools and campaign optimization.
5 . BeMob: Has a simple interface, yet provides extensive data tracking and analysis capabilities.
6 . PeerClick: Officially known as PeerClick by Media Buyers. It is a high-performance tracker with advanced analytics capabilities.
7 . ProperllerAds Propeller: It is a traffic aggregator with data tracking capabilities for arbitrage, providing information on where traffic is coming from.
Each tracker has its own features and advantages, so the choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the arbitrageur. Make your choice based on campaign requirements, traffic structure and your preferences in using the tracking system functionality.